Custom Caravans And Various Other Kinds Of Caravans

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Since ages, people have been making homes for themselves where they can live comfortably and feel secured. As the time passed, new technologies and inventions came into being. Theses inventions made our life style even easier and pleasant. Science has bestowed us with many wonders in every sphere of life varying from agricultural inventions to contribution in industries, from commercial use to our daily life affairs. In fact, science has spread its wings all over the world and in every field. One such invention or wonder of science is of cars, vehicle or any other automobile. These vehicles not only reduced the distances but paved ways to many businesses as well.  In this article we are going to study about caravans which are the combination of both houses and vehicles.


Caravan can briefly be defined as a wheeled cart which is meant for living along with travelling. It contains beds, washrooms and cooking equipments within the closed trailer. It is specially made for holidaying and travelling purposes. Actually, the word caravan has originated from Persian and French word which was used for covered horse drawn wagon. It was a cart on which people used to travel from one place to another along with their luggage, as the times passed, cars were invented and after that a modernized version of caravan cabinets came into being. These caravans are the combination of vehicle and home and are perfect for holidaying. These are not vehicles in nature but are wheeled trailers which are towed with vehicles to run them.

Types of caravan:

Caravans differ from one another on the basis of their infrastructure and outer look. One type of caravan is known as custom caravan, this is a type of caravan in which people customizes their desired print or wallpaper on caravan’s inner and outer walls. Majority of such caravans have a single axle and are between three to almost seven meters long from inside. Then there are twin axle caravan which are larger and heavier and are filled with two axles.

 Other than these, there are tiny tear drop trailers which are smaller in size and can be towed with smaller vehicles. Besides that, there are pop top caravans, they were huge hit in older times but are not that popular now as they are smaller in size and their rooftop needs to be lifted up for a person to stand. Then there are tiny GRP caravans, folding caravans, American airstream and many more.


Caravans are the closed trailers which contains every facility of life that are counted as basic needs of a man varying from cooking equipments to bedroom and from tiny wash rooms to small wardrobes. These are the closed trailers which are towed with vehicles. It is like home and car combined together. The main function of these caravans is that they are most suitable for travelling purposes.  Custom caravans, pop top caravans are all different types of caravans.” First class motor homes” from Melbourne provides best type of custom caravans Melbourne and all other types of caravans.