Importance Of Calibrated Weighing Scales

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The weighing scales are the must-have instrument for every business, whether it is a shop or manufacturing factory, they all weighing scales for weighing a wide range of items. The role of the weighing scale is the same in every business but their sensitivity may vary. For example, in the pharmacy when the pharmacist is making the compound medicine, they have to weigh every component in milligrams. A slight error in the weighing may lead to the wrong composition of the medicine. This is the reason that calibration of the weighing scales is extremely important. All the businesses, hire calibration services on regular basis to keep their weighing scales calibrated. If the calibration services are ignored for a longer time, that may lead to serious financial losses. Here are a few reasons that calibration services may benefit your business

  1. Right Weight: In any business, the price of any item directly depends on its weight while receipt or selling. If there will be any discrepancy in the weight, that may lead to financial loss. Like in the grocery shop, if there is a non-calibrated scale, and showing 5% more weight than actual this means for every 1 kilogram, the 50 grams is going extra. You may not be able to charge that 50 grams to the customer because as a business owner you don’t know about the error. 10 transactions like these for a month, may seriously hit your profit margin and the worst thing is that you will not be known to it. The regular calibration services will prevent any such event and keep your weighing scale calibrated so that you can get the actual value
  2. Production losses: the uncalibrated weighing scales can be one of the prime reasons for production losses. If you are not getting the right weight of the items and will consume the wrong quantity, in production that will lead to excess or underproduced units. This can be a serious financial hit if not known at early stages, because it may lead to inferior quality of the produced item due to the wrong composition of the Bill of materials. In a manufacturing concern, the calibration services are extremely important as they assure product quality
  3. Less pilferage: People spend money on a good brand like Ohaus scales, so that they should have less variation in their weighing scales. The brands like Ohaus scales ensure that their scale remains calibrated after heavy use but still after a while Ohaus scale also need calibration. The calibrated weighing scales will help to reduce pilferage in your business operations as there will be no measurement errors and nor can be claimed when the scales are calibrated. The regular calibration services can provide certainty regarding the pilferage and that’s reflected in the business’s audit reports.