Is Vinyl Plank Flooring Better Than The Timber Laminate Flooring?

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If you are thinking of giving new look to your floor and you want it to be durable, economical and attractive in the looks as well then there are two types of the flooring that meets the criteria. One is the vinyl plank flooring and the other is the timber laminate flooring. These two options confuse you because you do not know which one of these is better and above all which one of these is more suitable for you. Both of these are very good choice for the flooring and share some common characteristics but before you choose between them, there are couple of things you need to know about each one of these.

Before vinyl plank flooring, there was only timber laminate flooring and the people had not to choose between them. For years, people considered it far better because of the durability, cost effectiveness and the ease of the installation but then when the vinyl plank flooring hit the market and provided the same qualities as the timber laminate flooring in Perth people got confused about the fact that which one of these is better.

The one major difference which makes the vinyl plank flooring best is its moisture resistance. The areas where there is moisture and water, timber laminate flooring cannot be installed there but this is not the case with the vinyl plank flooring because you can install it anywhere whether there is moisture or not. Areas like bathroom and mud room are not suitable for the timber whereas the timber might work well in the areas like the powder room and the kitchen because the moisture is relatively less there. The vinyl plank flooring is not just resistant to the moisture but it is designed to be water proof. Although in the older version of the vinyl plank flooring were not water proof but the newer version are completely water proof and these will remain undamaged even if you soak these in the water for a long period. Even though people do install the timber floors in the areas where there is less chance of water leakage but it is recommended to not to take the risk when you have a more secure option.

Although both the vinyl plank flooring and timber laminating flooring are very much luxury looking and their appearance and aesthetics are very much comparable. Not only this, but both of these provide you with an easy installation and you can install these by yourself with a little knowledge. The prices for both of these are also comparable but the latest vinyl plank flooring which is in sheet form is little more expensive.