Leads Of Raised Floor System:

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raised floor systems Melbourne

Usually the exquisite vicinity for raised floor systems Melbourne, Computer labs and specific facts technology labs. General open plan place of business vicinity. Training and conference vicinity.


  • Office manual room, which includes electric powered cabinets, fan rooms, etc. clean room
  • Applications for raised floor systems
  • Areas flawed for raised floor systems

 Slab in slope position

 Raised floor systems aren`t suitable for direct placement on horizontal slabs. This is due to the dearth of cappotential to provide long-term protection from warm temperature, contaminants and moisture transferred with soil, soil fueloline and groundwater. Toilets, showers, baths, dishwashing, and specific plumbing, plumbing fixtures are normally installed in the ones areas and can reason leaks and panel corrosion and damage.

 Kitchen and cooking vicinity

 These areas are not suitable for such flooring systems due to immoderate humidity ranges and the ability for food and liquid spills and seepage.


 Laboratories are not suitable for raised floor systems due to the ability for chemical and natural spills, similarly to the presence of moisture and piping.

Emergency stairs

 Stair landings want to be flush with all adjacent raised floors and want to be properly supported at the edges of the raised floors.

Mechanical gadget room

 Examples of such rooms are air con units, coolers and boilers. From the names of these rooms it is easy that they have got conditions that motive the panels of the raised floor gadget to wear out and become damaged. Other areas are large storage and loading areas, rooms in conjunction with garbage bins, UPS, emergency generators, and day-care.

Recompenses of raised floor systems

  • This form of floor gadget overcomes the hassle of shear transfer for the duration of the membrane
  • The raised floor gadget is waterproof
  • This will reason a reduction in introduction costs in earthquake-willing areas.

Raised floor systems feature an immoderate thermal mass base material for radiant warm temperature systems distributed with the resource of the usage of heat air or heat water. So, Heating and cooling a building with a raised flooring gadget is more efficient. The concrete ground can be finished as a totally closing floor quit as favoured with the resource of the usage of sealing, polishing, stamping, or staining. Consequently, the extra price of covering used for covering floors will now not be needed. Acoustic isolation is another advantages supplied with the resource of the usage of raised floor gadget.  In immoderate wind danger areas, stepped forward floor gadget will beautify the lateral resistance and durability of multistorey building specifically at the same time as it mixed with concrete roof gadget

  • Fire is suppressed from floor to floor
  • Structural Conditions Requirements of Raised Floor System

 There are severa structural conditions that raised floor gadget need to be met the following minimum conditions otherwise it will now not be implemented besides it is specified in building specifications.

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