Pros And Cons Of Acrylic Sheets

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Acrylic mounting panels which are commonly known as Acrylic wall cases are one of the most commonly used wall decorating technique in modern official interior designing. As these are the transparent acrylic panels which are designed in a special way which enable these panels to keep holding different materials which are to be exhibited. These materials can be artworks, paintings and decoration pieces. As these panels are transparent, people also use these panels to exhibit wall arts which enhance to beauty of the indoor space. These acrylic wall panels are transparent and photos frames can also be used within the sheet area. The artworks can be three dimensional which make these panels unique among the viewers. Here we are going to have a general discussions about the advantages as well as disadvantages of these acrylic sheets. 


  • There are some of the important physical properties of acrylic sheets among which one of the most important factor is that these sheets are flexible and can be changed into any structure or shapes and are considered one of the ideal components of making many products like photo frames, billboards, exhibition panels etc. 
  • Acrylic sheets are excellent heat resistant and can bear external heating effect up to sufficient temperatures. 
  • Acrylic sheets and acrylic sheet made products are not much expensive and are easily affordable in comparison to alternative materials like glass or polythene.  
  • Acrylic sheets are being used worldwide for different purposes. Some use these sheets to make billboards, while some use these sheets to make different exhibition equipment. This is because these sheets can be found in different colors, textures and readymade structures which are required.  


  • Acrylic sheets are resistant to heat but a major problem which should be known by the consumer is that these sheets cannot resist to scratches and extreme weather conditions can cause easy damage to the sheets and these scratches are not removable. 
  • The production of acrylic sheets is an energy consuming process and can cause poisonous fumes. Production on a small scale is not much harmful but production on a larger scale can cause serious air pollution and the ones working at the production unit of acrylic sheets should be very conscious about the precautionary measures while dealing with the production process. 
  • Acrylic sheets are attractive but one cannot display acrylic made products for a long time as these products lost their glossiness and attraction with the passage of time when they get dirty.  
  • Recycling an acrylic sheet can be a time taking and energy consuming process as the melting point of acrylic sheet is high, thus consume a lot of energy which makes the recycling process expensive too. 

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