Scope Of Urban Planning

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As all of us know urban planning or this city planning can be called as the process of making buildings, roads and other facilities for the benefit of the community thinking of their convenience, hygiene, safety and luxury too. The role of a city planner can never be called as simple, because it is a combination of several other complex professions such as civil engineering, naturalist, socialist, politician and etc. When it comes to town planning Glen Eira there are some scopes of it, which we know a little about. Because to our eyes, all town planners are the same. But, this article will provide you a clear guide as to what scopes they hold according to what they do. A list can be shown as follows:

  • Land use planners
  • Strategic urban planners
  • Regional planners
  • Planners for urban revitalization
  • Master planners
  • Transportation planners
  • Environmental planners
  • Infrastructure planners

All of these city planners have to deal with deep strategic thinking in making their goals achieved. Whatever they do, they need to make sure that the plan they do should ensure a sustainable future for the generations coming next because once invested on the plans they make it will be an investment done forever. Some planning scopes discussed above have been described below for the information purpose. Mind it that a land use planner also needs to have an understanding of the infrastructure planning because always they are inter linked. Basically land use planners are the ones dealing with land resource management. They deal with land use, subdivision and the development. Generally planning permit process is an activity performed by them and they always act within the regulations and laws applicable. Then only all the other scopes come in place one by one- one after the other. For example the neighborhood planning has to happen in between and planning should also consider on whether the roads or buildings planned to implement disturb any cultural heritage sites identified in the close proximity. The town planner should be responsible if the park to be developed or the road to be built or even the building to be constructed harms any of the natural elements in the environment and if that’s the case he should be taking necessary steps. This is also the very same case with economic planning as well. The building that he plans in his urban plan should be creating new economic opportunities to that city and the region, so that an economic boost can be expected in return for the massive investment made.