Finding The Right Diamond

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Diamond is everyone’s dream. A woman in love with ornaments would love to have the glistening diamonds as part of their jewellery wholesalers Adelaide.  Not every single diamond is the perfect diamond. Choosing the right diamond is a must for an impressive collection of accessories. It is not an easy thing for the first time buyers to get the right diamond. It is the expert eye that can distinguish between the best and the ordinary diamonds. The key features to learn about the diamonds are as follows:


The carats are the first thing to determine the rate. It is actually the weight of the diamond. 200 milligrams make a total of one carat. The carats can be further split into points. One carat has 100 points. The more the points, the more are the carats and so the size also increases. With everything to the maximum the value of the diamond increases as well.           

The hues

Diamonds show the spectrum of colors. The best diamonds are those that are colorless. Although it is not something easy to actually get these diamonds do exist. The perfect diamond is said to be an icy white thing. Usually the diamonds look white but they have slight shades of red, green, pink, canary and pale yellow. Besides the white ones the diamond lovers have a choice of getting the colored diamonds too like the most popular Hope Diamond and the Tiffany Diamond that are blue and canary respectively.


The clearer the diamond the better and perfect they look. The clarity of the diamond rests on a number of factors like the cuts, size, internal angles and the clear. Some diamonds also come with the birthmarks. If the diamond is clear enough to reveal the birthmarks the value increases automatically. The diamonds are a unique stone because despite being born out of carbon no two diamonds are a look-alike of each other. There is a clarity scale available with the diamond dealers that can help you get the right diamond.


Mathematics is the active there in the cuts of the diamonds. A diamond has internally created flat cuts that are referred to as facets. The total facets in a perfect diamond are 58. All these cuts are small but arranged in such a way that the maximum amount of light is reflected from these cuts. This characteristic is known as brilliance. The value of diamonds rests on brilliance. The widest circumference or the girdle of the perfect diamond has 32 facets above that and 24 facets below that.