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In this time of pandemic where every person is locked into their homes playgrounds are no less than a blessing in disguise. The kids of this generation are locked inside their homes and they are not getting enough chance for stepping out in this time of pandemic and enjoying their regular sports. If you are the one who wants to establish a backyard playground and at the same time if you are running a school and needs playground equipment then where from to get all those equipment’s own affordable prices. If you are living in Brisbane Sydney Australia Gold Coast NSW or suburbs then play parks is a company that is based near you and facilitating you for all kind of playground and outdoor playground suppliers. When you are investing into the playground equipment’s it is a huge investment and before making that investment it is important and prerequisites to take care of all those factors. All those factors which are in connexion with research and where from to buy those equipment’s which are made up of high quality material long lasting and can with stand the uncertainty of Australian weather.

About us

 Play parks is a company that has been supplying outdoor playground equipment for decades now. We have introduced a huge and wider assortment for playground equipment. People love to buy from us in Berks and all those people who are establishing their backyard playground and at the same time, if you are from a school or running a business related to amusement parks then we are your one-step stop. Other outdoor playground suppliers are everywhere and they will take care of all the requests from you. It is advised to go through our website where the suggestion related to playground equipment is displayed. Our manufacturing team is very well articulated professional and friendly plus accommodating to our clients. We have already introduced a number of outdoor equipment’s but at the same time, if you go with any custom made designs we are facilitating that as well. Playground equipment must be long lasting made up of that material which can with stand the uncertainty of Australian weather and at the same time made up of striking colours. The perfect attribute of a playground equipment is that it fulfils the criteria of safety concerns and is safest for the kids who are playing in a playground. If you are concerned about all these matters then we are perfecting your requests.


We are not here to serve you on emergency basis because if you are placing your order in bulk it is a tough call for us. Outdoor playground suppliers are here to supply all these requests but it is suggested to get in touch with us beforehand. After you place an order and we undertake a project of you, it is our duty to supply that playground equipment at your given address on time. We are not sparing a chance to amaze our clients so we are your right stop. For more information please contact: