Why You Should Have Tiles And Bathroom Vanities?

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If somebody is having tiles in their kitchen or bathroom people use to think that they are spending extra and wasting them but, now, people are opting for tiles because they know why and how tiles can be helpful for them. Now tiles are something that can actually be very budget-friendly. As compared to the other materials. Nowadays, people are actually losing the concept of having plain old boring flooring. They are opting of the tiles for living room,  bathroom vanities from Sydney, kitchen etc. Especially if we have a look in general now people want kitchen tiles for sure. Let’s see why you or they should have kitchen tiles?

Smart investment

Having tiles in the kitchen is actually a very smart investment because tiles are quite a good choice even if you have a low budget. Then in future if you want to sell the house and move somewhere else then it will be easier for you to sell the house because the demand of kitchen with tiles are high and people who don’t want to extra work of installing tiles all by themselves will prefer your house more than the one without the tiles.


Tiles are durable but it doesn’t mean that you pick up a cheap one and it will last long for years. Pick something that is in your budget but you are not trying to save extra bills because you are building yourself a house where you are going to live right now. So, do yourself a favour and pick up something a bit high in price so you don’t have to get them done again and again after every few years and if you can afford expensive ones that will be great. Visit https://initialtilesandbathware.com.au/collections/stone for stone tiles.

Looks good

The other reason to have kitchen tiles is that in today’s modern style houses we have the concept of the open kitchen. When your guests come to your house and they sit in your living room you don’t want them to see not so good looking condition of your kitchen. It can also lead some people to frustration and inferiority complex. So, have tiles in your kitchen so you or your family doesn’t feel less of somebody else.

Now have a look at why you must have a bathroom vanity?  Well, it’s pretty simple. A bathroom vanity can put so much life in your bathroom. Your bathroom will not look like some neglected area of your house. Then you will have some extra space and storage. It also looks like furniture so, it gives a luxury look to the bathroom. It will be easier for you to store your essential bathroom accessories in the bathroom instead of the room.  Also, have the freestanding baths to save some space.