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pre purchase inspections

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

The acquisition of a house can be one of the biggest investments you’re ever possible to make. Therefore, it’s far important that you discover if there are any modern defects. In the procedure of constructing a new home, you need to ensure that the whole lot is constructed in line with the plan and your expectations. Pre purchase Inspections aims in Geelong only to protect your investment. Our inspection offerings will help you in making the very last choice as to whether the assets you need to buy, simply do meet your expectations.

Our Pre-purchase Inspection Geelong consists of the regions mentioned below:


We look at all inner walls to make sure there are no chances of cracking, movement, dampness, or trendy decay.

All ceilings are cautiously inspected for symptoms of any outside water leakage or seepage.

We make certain that each door, window & flooring are equipped correctly.

All the moist regions, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and the laundry are cautiously checked for proof of leaking pipes, tile damage, extra moisture, mold, and different signs of feasible defective waterproofing.


We test to make sure that each outside partition is direct and displays no symptoms of wear, cracking, or dampness. We confirm that any porch, balconies, or terrace isn’t only sound but follows applicable protection policies.  Our inspection can even consist of an exam of the electric gadget to make sure that protection switches are installed. Finally, we can take a look at the stability of any outside wood such as doors, posts, and Windows.

We will pick out any broken or damaged tiles and additionally make sure that the roof is successfully secured. We will make sure that there aren’t any side drainage issues or underfloor retention each of which can make contributions to growing dampness on the principal partitions. Inspection saves you money and time. We know the value of time. we set up the inspection with the actual estate, and you’ll have your record within 24 hours

Quality Assurance to your new home.

Our professional team of Geelong building inspectors assists owners during their construction adventure with impartial new domestic constructing inspections. We make certain excellent management on-site and deliver peace of mind to owners. We offer an in-depth document highlighting defects and ability problems that might bring about expensive re-works and delays. Our complete reviews are clean and easy to read,

We encompass re-inspection of rectification works as part of our provider for customers inside our center area. This method that if required, we are able to re-go to the residence as soon as at frame, pre-plaster, water resistant and very last degrees to make certain that any gadgets that had been recognized had been closed out.

Our goal of new Geelong building inspections is to:

  • Check the progress of works
  • Access the quality of work
  • Ensure that the construction is according to the contract
  • To satisfy our clients about the quality finished home

For more information please contact: www.houseinspectionsgeelong.com