Qualities Offered In Hessian Bags For Sale

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Different qualities are offered in hessian bags that are advertised as being on sale. This means that not all hessian bags are created equally. Some have more value than others. The value of a hessian bag is derived from the utility of the bag. The more useful a bag, the more valuable it will be. Hessian bags can be further refined to make more softer bags. The softer fabric made from refined and finished hessian is known as jute. Jute is better suited for making things like clothes. Jute can be used to make luxury bags. Hessian on the other hand is rather coarse and heavy and does not have the typical finish of a jute bag. The courses the fabric of a hessian bag, the cheaper it will be. Hessian bags with soft fabric are usually more expensive and can go for anywhere between ten to fifteen dollars a bag. Jute bags in the other hand are even more expensive as they are used to make luxury bags and can cost as much as fifty to eco shopping bags in Australia.

Hessian bags with multiple stitching are more expensive with those with single stitching. Each stitching adds more strength to the bags being made. Bags with single stitching often fall apart in a year or so. Those with two stitching last for anywhere from five to ten years on average. Bags with three or more stitching lasts even longer and can last for six to eight years. The stitching on a hessian bag is called a seam.  Bags with pronounced seams are often made in a rough manner without much care. This means that bags with finer seams are more expensive and can be hard to produce. Hand made hessian bags offer a finer quality of finish and are usually more expensive than machine made counterparts.

If a hessian bag makes contact with water, the fabric could be damaged beyond repair. This is the reason many hessian bags that are advertised as being for sale are often coated with a sealing material. The sealing material keeps the moisture out and increases the durability of the fabric. A hessian bag of a good quality is often made waterproof by coating it with a material that covers its surface. Applying a sealant like that on a hessian bag costs money and this means that waterproof bags are usually more expensive than traditional bags.

Hessian bags can also have embroidery done on the surface of the bag. This makes the bag more beautiful and makes it stand out. The embroidery might also have inlaid pigment that makes the bag look more colourful. The finer the embroidery, the better the quality of the bag and the more expensive it will be.